Currently, all payment for services will be accepted via Paypal. Payment is not due until client and developer have agreed upon completion of site or milestones for work done if site is not completed. If client decides to withdraw from services, a prorated payment for work completed will be required.

You do not have to have a PayPal account to make a payment. dljworks does not accept check, COD’s, or opt-ins for mailed cash/money orders over the internet.

Here you have two choices: Basic Start or Custom Amount. The Basic Start is the price for Web Labor only and does not include the pricing for Web Hosting which will be purchased separately through Just Host. If you already have your own hosting covered, then this will not be a concern. You will only pay for web labor.

If all the labor fits into the Basic Start, then this will be a valid option to select. If work is beyond Basic Start price, an invoice will be provided showing the cost for specific services rendered.

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