Services and Prices

Prices start at $1000.00 for a website.

Included in the $1000.00 is the following:

  • • Web Hosting. dljworks host all it’s clients sites through Hosting can range from $150 – $350 depending on what’s needed which can increase or decrease the starting price. Clients are responsible for purchasing their web hosting package before work can be done. If domain is already provided by another hosting company, then login info is required to work from backend.

  • • Web Labor. This includes the design, programming, styling, and organization of the website. Site is filled with dummy content (text and images) and requires a separate service if original content is desired for creation.

  • • Graphic Design and Animations. Graphics are discounted when purchasing an entire site, but still is treated as an additional service.

Quotes are given based on request of what’s needed for your website. The pay rate is calculated based on the work done in a given amount of time. Work done is documented and presented in periodic statements and final invoice.

Services include:


  • PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery programming (languages used for the look, feel, and function of the website)
  • Prototyping for demo displays
  • Hosting and Domain management
  • Affiliate Marketing (how to add links that will earn your site extra money)
  • Content Management through WordPress (if you want to manage your own site)
  • Graphic creation(original logo and images at an additional cost)
  • Responsive Design (Getting your site to fit across all devices)
  • Animations (at an additional cost if special requested)
  • File management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Content Organization
  • Content Creation (at an additional cost if images, text, and any other forms of media are not provided by the client. Dummy text, demo images, video, etc. will cost to be replaced with original content by dljworks)