Rates for all written content starts at $.34 per word.


Other factors such as type of piece written, length, time taken to complete the work, and more will determine final cost of the finished product.


Specialties are:


Blog/Article Writing


Many people want to blog. However, some do not have time to write or post content. dljworks will create content for you across many (not all) genres. Check out some post at DeShaun’s blog

Web Copy/Copy Writing


Would you like your words to sell? Need web copy that is set apart from other sites and grabs the users attention and causes them to take action on your site? Then this is the service you need.

Resumes and Cover Letters


If your are needing writing to convey your accomplishments and experience in a compelling way, look no further then here. dljworks got you covered. A cover letter will also accommodate a resume as a package deal to ensure your desires for that new position or promotion are expressed.


Research Papers


This is a service tailored more towards students who don’t have the time or interest to drull on in writing about contemporary versus classic literature or write that science report needed with that experiment. Basically–if you’re too lazy to write, then dljworks will drull on for you!


General Professional or Business Documents


Ranging from things such as speeches, business letters, e-mails to a company, reports, whatever you don’t feel like writing, you can leverage service with dljworks.